Here at Guitarbitz we stock an array of amplifiers to suit all manor of situations. Be it for electric, bass or acoustic guitar, we have amplifiers from some of the worlds top brands that are suitable for home practice, live performance and everything in between! For the traditional players out there a valve amp is a must have piece of gear and provides you with that super clear and warm tone that we all know and love. Orange, VOX and Fender offer some of the greatest valve tones available with models such as VOX's AC10, Oranges TH30 and Fenders Blues Junior being some of the best and most versatile tube amps on the market. In recent years digital technology has found its way more and more into the amplification world, and with great effect. Fenders new 'Tone Master' range currently offers two of their most renowned amp models in a solid state variety that not only sounds as good as the originals, but does so at just a fraction of the weight and with some awesome features such as an attenuator and speaker simulated line out. VOX's AV range and Fenders Mustang GT range also offer fantastic digital modelling amps in an array of sizes that suit home practice as well as gigging situations. 

For bassists having an amp with punch and a super clear bottom end is essential. Oranges latest bass amplifier, the 'Little Bass Thing' offers just this in a compact and travel friendly package sporting 500 watts! The Fender 'Rumble' series is another fantastic choice for bassists old and new, with big gig worthy stacks of up to 500 watts available as well as some small practice amps that are perfect for home use! 

Acoustic amplification has become an essential aspect of many acoustic and singer-songwriter performances, allowing for a consistent and clean sound at every gig. At Guitarbitz stock an array of Fishman acoustic amplifiers suitable for large gig venues as well as busking in the streets. Fishman's 'Loud-box Mini Charge' is capable of providing 60 watts of power for up to 12 hours using its rechargeable battery, making it an essential piece of equipment for any street performer. Larger models such as the 'Loud-box Artist' are perfect for medium to large venues and have no problem filling a room with a rich and clear sound with both acoustic guitars and vocals. 

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