Having a secure and solid set of bridge pins on your acoustic guitar is essential for optimum tuning stability and over all functionality. The last thing you when when changing strings of even at a gig is a bridge pin flying out when hit a big chord! Over time however bridge pins are a wearing part and also an easily lost part when changing strings, so we stock a wide range of bridge pins for direct replacement needs or even as an upgrade! We stock bridge pins in a variety of size from great brands such as Graphtech and D'addario, and with multiple different size options available we are sure to have the right set of pins for your guitar.

Graphtechs unique "TUSQ' material has been super popular for nuts and saddles on all types of guitars and now this material has been used to create some fantastic sets of 'TUSQ' bridge pins. The advantage of this material is its ability to translate all the natural resonance of your guitar through being a consistent and man-made material. For acoustic guitars this is a huge advantage into making your guitar sound full and resonant. For something more basic and a nice simple replacement for a broken pin we also stock D'addarios range of bridge pins with come in multiple different colours and also contain a matching end pin! 

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