For many electric guitar players the pickups are one of if not the most crucial element to getting that tone you're looking for. For decades now people have been changing pickups in their guitars and swapping them out for aftermarket pickups of vary forms. Sometimes its a change of one humbucker pickup to another or something it can be a total swap in pickup types such as swapping the bridge single-coil pickups in a Stratocaster to a humbucker. We stock a variety of different pickups that are sure to give you that change and boost in tone that you're looking for from some of the leading pickup brands including Fender and Fishman. 

From Fender we stock an array of different single pickups and pickup sets that will suit all of their models of guitars. From the super hot 'Shawbucker' humbucking pickup to the 'Texas Special' SSS set, there is something for every style and every guitar! 

Currently leading the market with regards to pickup innovation are Fishman. Fishmans new range of 'Fluence' pickups feature two different voicing's selectable with a push/pull pot. With a modern sound and a passive sound these pickups have immense clarity and feel very natural to play with, with a very passive feel. Popular with metal players the 'Fluence' range is vast with many options even in seven and eight string formats. Fishman also offer some brilliant single coil pickups in this line, most notably the Greg koch 'Gristle-Tone' set, which is sure to enhance the sound of any Telecaster style guitar! 

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