Often being creative individuals and enjoying modding guitars to our own personal specs, us guitarists can often be tempted to start a build from scratch and spec out that dream guitar. At Guitarbitz we stock a host of different official Fender necks and bodies for a host of different models, allowing you to make a fully customised build! Bodies are available in a host of finishes and styles including your classic Stratocaster and Telecaster bodies as well as basses. Finishes such as sunburst, candy apple red and others are available and are all completed to Fenders super high spec of finishing! 

When it comes to aftermarket necks from Fender, things start to get really interesting. All of the examples you would expect are stocked including Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz and Precision bass necks in a maple variety with a choice of fingerboard woods such as maple, rosewood and Pau Ferro. However a few new additions to the neck lineup include roasted maple necks which are super smooth and due to being roasted, contain extremely minimal moisture so are the most stable necks available! As well as this Fender have also introduced the 'Sub-Sonic' baritone conversion necks, which coupled with any Fender style guitar body give you a beefy 27.5" scale length suitable for all manor of low tunings! 

To check out our full range of Fender bodies and necks take a scroll down below!