For many guitarists the pedalboard is the heart of their tone and sound and has taken many years of fine tuning, pedal swapping and signal chain flipping to get just right! Once you've got your setup as you like it you want to make sure it stays that way and the best way to store, transport and use your newly acquired board of pedals is with a dedicated pedalboard and case setup. Our biggest and main brand for pedalboards comes in the form Pedal-train, who have been king of all things pedal-boards for many years now! Whether you need a small boards for a selection of bass pedals of a proper pedal rug for the shoe-gazers among us, Pedal-train have you covered! 

Pedal-trains smallest and probably most popular pedal board is the Nano and Nano-Plus, both or which feature a double rail where you can mount comfortably four or five small pedals and a small power supply. With Pedal-trains small boards and large alike, there is often the option to mount the power supply underneath the board, keeping things neat and more spacious for the above pedals. If you're after a more comprehensive board to mount more and larger pedals the Classic JR, NOVO 24 and Classic 2 boards have you covered, with many different size and shape options. 

Every boards from Pedal-train comes with the option of a soft case which is great for getting extra cables and bits and bobs in, of the tour grade hard case option. The hard case is super rugged and will withstand even the most heavy of touring scenarios, keeping your precious pedals safe at all times! 

Have a scroll below to check out our full range of Pedal-train products and see which one will work for you and your pedal board vision!