The humble plectrum can have a profound effect on not only playability but also your overall tone, and for this reason we stock a wide range of picks here at Guitarbitz from the best brands such as Jim Dunlop, Fender, Ernie Ball, D'Addario & more. Plectrums come in all different shapes and sizes to suit different players and playing styles. From thumb and finger picks to Jazz III's and Big Stubby's, we stock them all and in a variety of gauges, styles and materials!

For acoustic guitar playing sometimes a softer pick works more effectively as it allows you to have a wide range of dynamics whilst retaining the integral sound of the guitar. A popular choice for acoustic playing is the Jim Dunlop Nylon Standard range which starts at a super light .38mm. For rock and metal players the Jazz III has become an absolute staple and now comes in an array of different options. The original nylon Jazz III comes in both a normal and XL size which is matched in a number of the other Jazz III's including the Ultex and FLEX variety. More recently the Jazz III has also found its way into the Gator Grip line as well as the Tortex and Max Grip line, which offers further Jazz III options to the player needing a little more grip when shredding riffs on a sweaty stage!

For guitarists and bassists looking for something more traditional the Dunlop Tortex line offers a classic range of grippy picks in a host of sizes that have proved to be many players favourites for a number of years now. The Tortex material is also now available in the Flow style, which provides a slightly smaller size as well as a sharper tip for that nice percussion picking tone. Running alongside the Tortex range is the Dunlop Delrin Standard range which has seen players such as Yngwie Malmsteen use for many years now!

Of course though, it's all down to your individual preference and ability. Picks are cheap and a great way to experiment with playability and tone, so buy a range of sizes to see which suits you the best! Plectrum variety packs from Dunlop, D'addario & Fender are also available which are a great way to try out lots of different types of picks and get a feel for what you like! 

Take a scroll down below to see our full range of picks and grab a couple of packs today!