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Back In Stock: Santos Martinez Classical Guitars

It’s been a long wait but our range of Santos Martinez classical guitars have finally arrived at Guitarbitz, and just in time for back to school! 
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It’s been a long wait but our range of Santos Martinez classical guitars have finally arrived at Guitarbitz, and just in time for back to school!  We offer all sizes for players of all ages and skill levels.


Santos Martinez offer amazing quality at unbelievably cheap prices, with this brand you’ll certainly get the best beginner classical guitar you possibly can!


These guitars are ‘classical’ styled and have nylon strings (made from plastic rather than metal) making it so much easier on the fingers when playing, which is why it’s such a helpful option for beginner guitarists.
They are all tuned to E standard, so you can play along to songs or alongside full sized guitars!




Santos MArtinez Classic Guitars for sale
Check out our back in stock options below:




Santos Martinez SM120 ½ Size Classical: First we have the smallest option; this half-size model is great for ages 10 and below. It’s an ideal introduction for the youngest children starting out on their musical journey. With a small yet robust fretboard and neck, 


Santos Martinez SM340 ¾ Size Classical: Next we have a comfortable middle ground for ages of around 10-15. Having a three-quarter-size guitar is a smart option for students who are growing towards full-size but would like something at a smaller scale first.


Santos Martinez SM440 Full Size Classical: The Santos Martinez SM440 is a full size classical guitar, featuring a spruce soundboard, and a back and sides crafted from sapele.
This is ideal for ages 15 and up. A great option for those wanting a great sounding, full-sized classical without breaking the bank! 


Santos Martinez SM250 Full Size Classical: Ideal for students progressing within classical guitar, or for electric and steel-strung guitarists making the move to classical. The perfect introduction for young students to enter the exciting world of classic and flamenco guitar.



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