Fresh strings and a the perfect string tension is important for all instrumentalists but is super important for bass players, and because of this here at Guitarbitz we stock a whole host of different bass strings in varying gauges, scale lengths and more. We have bass strings from all of the leading string manufacturers including Ernie Ball, Daddario, Elixir and Rotosound. All of which have a magnitude of different strings options available that will help you find that perfect bass tone that you've been searching for no matter what bass guitar and setup you are using! 

Ernie Ball have been a bass string staple for many years now and continue to produce fantastic quality round wound strings in a variety of gauges for both four and five string basses, as well as six string basses and bass VI's. Furthermore for the Gibson EB-0 or Mustang bass rockers out there, Ernie Ball also offer some fantastic short scale round wound strings. With multiple gauges available for bassists its super easy to get the prefect string set for whatever tuning you are playing, even more so with some of Ernie Balls specific down tuning setups including the 'Beefy Slinky' set, which offers a super chunky low 130 string for those wishing to tuning to BEAD, Drop A or lower! 

D'addario also have some fantastic string options for bass available most notably their brilliant line of super high quality flat-wound bass strings. the 'Chromes' as they are known are feature a flattened stainless steel ribbon wire outer that is polished precisely for an ultra smooth feel and fantastic warm tone! Available in a number of different gauges the 'Chromes' are also available in a short scale set which are brilliant for the short scale players out there! 

With the popularity for coated electric and acoustic guitar strings rising, the coated string techology has found its into into the bass string market which Elixirs 'Nano-web' line of strings proving to be just as much of a hit with the bass players out there! As well as this D'addario also have an extensive range of bass strings in their new coated 'XT' line of strings, that offer a fantastic long life span but with a brilliant natural feel, all thanks to its super thin plastic coating! 

For a full list of our bass string range take a scroll below to find the perfect set of strings for your bass!