Being a guitarist or bassist means your in extremely loud scenarios a lot of the time, and as much as we all love it we need to make sure we keep our hearing safe for the future! You should consider ear plugs for all live music scenarios, playing or watching, rehearsing and instances when there is an above average volume for an extended period of time. We stock a wide range of ear plugs at Guitarbitz to ensure your safety and enjoyment when partaking in live music! Some of the most convenient and useful are the 'Thunderplugs', which cut out between eighteen and thirty two decibels or sound whilst still retaining brilliant sound quality. The most useful thing about these is that they are stored in a small tube attach to a keyring, so you can be sure to have them where ever you may find yourself! 

Another brilliant option is the D'addario 'Pacato' ear plugs which reduce loud environments by up to nineteen decibels. As well as this the sleek design of these ear plugs means that once you have them in you pretty much forget they are there as they are super comfortable, which is great when your wearing them regularly for long evenings. Other good and more affordable options come from Fender with their 'Concert' range of ear plugs. There a simple and basic design but get the job done if your in need of something quick and simple! 

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