As guitarists we are seldom able to turn down a new toy in the form of a pedal! Here at Guitarbitz we stock an array of pedals from pedal giants such as MXR, Electro Harmonix and more recently Fender. To correspond with our extensive lines of guitars and amplifiers we also have the right pedal to fill that gap on your pedal board. Whether it’s a screaming overdrive in the form of the awesome Friedman BE-OD Deluxe or a beautifully crisp delay in the shape of the MXR Carbon Copy, we have you covered.

Along with a detailed selection of overdrives and distortions we also supply a range of modulation and spatial effects. For rich chorus sounds MXR’s 5150 chorus will nail that classic EVH 80’s hard rock tone, while for a shimmering, sparkling reverb, Fenders Marine layer will provide a magnitude of spacey vibes to create the ultimate soundscape.

When it comes to floor space and budget, we are very aware that all guitarists and bassists are different. Whether you're looking for the perfect mini board on a budget or a boutique pedal to fill the last gap on your pedal train pro 2 we have the solution for you. Our range of Mooer pedals offer the player a range of effects from reverbs to octavers in a compact package at a super price point. At the other end of the scale we also offer some awesome boutique pedals from the likes of Friedman and Carl Martin.

Not forgetting the acoustic guitarists and bassists amongst us, we also stock an array of bass effects such as MXR’s super punchy M89 bass overdrive and Fishman’s all analog platinum pro EQ and DI, which provides the acoustic player with an incredibly detailed sonic performance when amplifying an acoustic guitar.To check our our extensive range of pedals take a scroll down below!