Keeping your prized guitar or bass safe when at a gig or just at home is essential! Ensuring that it is also out and ready to play is important but you also want to make sure that it is safe from any potential danger and thats where a good solid stand comes in! We boast a large range of stands, racks and hangers including some of the most popular brands, such as Hercules, Planet Waves, On-stage, Kinsman and more. On-Stage offer some brilliant stands at an affordable price with their 'Goose Neck' and 'A-Frame' stands being a best seller, we also use them in our window display! 

For something more solid that may see some heavy stage time we also offer the Hercules and Starfish headstock stands, that keep your guitar secured under the headstock and stay rooted to the floor! A popular way to store multiple guitars at home or in a studio is to mount them on the wall with a headstock hanger, which ones again Hercules provide. The Hercules models are the most popular due to their weight guided locking system which means a guitar will never find its self falling free! 

On-Stage also provide a wide range of racks and multi-guitar stands which are an essential part of a touring stage setup if you are using multiple guitars for different sounds or tunings. These can be ordered in an array of sizes depending what it is that you require! 

Fender and Hercules also offer some mini stands that are the perfect size to slip in a gig back, ensuring that you always have something to safely rest your guitar or bass on when at a gig or rehearsal! 

For a full list of our guitar stands and racks check out our full range by scrolling below!