From stage-worthy XLR cables to studio quality microphones we have something for all budgets and requirements here at Guitarbitz. Results with mics are really improved when they are teamed up with a reflection filter, this stops audio waves bouncing back into the mic from reflective surfaces in the room, such as nearby walls, helping to give you a solid isolated vocal track. Pop filters are used to stop large amounts of air hitting the mic and overloading the capsule, these often occur on words with plosives in them such as words that begin with "P". Many dynamic mics have these built in inside the mesh grill. 

Once you've chosen your perfect mic you'll need a sturdy stand, we have a great selection from On-Stage, Kinsman and Hercules! Finally we just need to get you plugged in with XLR cables from D'addario, Fender, SoundLab and Kinsman in a range of colours and lengths as well as 1/4 inch jack terminated cables. We also stock midi, usb, phono, AUX and RCA cables and adaptors to help you route your audio to wherever required!

Check our full range of microphone equipment below!