Theres nothing more frustrating that popping a fresh string whilst restringing your guitar or just after, but unfortunately these things happen! To save you buying a totally fresh pack of strings we offer a whole host of single string options to get you back up and running quickly and efficiently! From all of your favourite brands such as Ernie Ball, D'addario and Elixir we have a single string that will match whatever set you may have snapped one from, ensuring that once your back up and going your guitar will feel and sound super consistent! 

Single strings are not only useful for those occasional accidental restrings mishaps however. For certain tunings especially drop tunings it can be hugely advantageous to customise your standard set of strings or build your own set, in order to maintain even string tension across the entire guitar. Both D'addario and Ernie Ball provide singles up to a beefy .80, so if your looking to tune low in your own unique tuning anythings possible! 

We provide single strings not only for electric guitar but also for acoustic guitar and nylon string classical guitars too, in a host of different gauges and brands!

To check out our full range of single strings take a scroll below and start to build yourself your own custom string set!