At our store in Bath we have a new on-site workshop where we can service and repair your instrument.

Throughout the 2020 November closure we worked hard to get our workshop up and running with the highest quality tools, machinery and cleaning & care products. 

This has enabled us to provide a host of new professional grade services that will get your guitar or bass playing and sounding as good as it possibly can.

We offer services such as:

  • Full Guitar / Bass Set-ups (includes adjustments to truss rod, nut, saddles, hardware intonation, pickup height, fingerboard clean and hydration, fret buff & polish, electronics checked and cleaned, overall instrument clean & polish using 
  • Nut carving from bone blank
  • Pickup fitting & re-wiring 
  • Fret dressing (fret level, crown & polish)
  • Re-string and clean
  • Acoustic saddle adjustments
Flat 5 Guitar Repair workshop at Guitarbitz Flat 5 Guitar Repair workshop at Guitarbitz


We have a massive selection of spare and replacement guitar parts in stock by the best brands so if you'd like to upgrade parts on your instrument we can provide these on request. 

Guitarbitz Music Store:

6 Quiet Street, Bath, BA1 2JS

If you have an instrument you'd like to enquire about please contact us or give us a call or email on the contact details below:

01225 319540

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