Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier Black
Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier Black
Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier Black
Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier Black


Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier Black

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Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier Black


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Here we have the excellent Fender Blues Junior IV Electric Guitar Amplifier! This little all valve 15 watt, 12" combo packs a punch with a with no nonsense classic tones.

There are some fantastic sounds that this thing can make, from the classic sparkling cleans to crunches to full on saturated drive! Whether you're using a Strat, Les Paul or any style of guitar it sounds great! If you're looking for a small valve amp which is easy to transport but still has plenty of volume then look no further.

Ideal for Country, Blues, Rock, Jazz and loads of other styles you can do so much with it whether it's at a gig, in the studio or just at home, a fun easy to use amp.Thanks to the master volume control you can turn the pre amp volume right up and get a load of drive but still at bedroom level. Now this is an important point because although this is an amplifier capable of gigging, it's so versatile that you can use it in the home too without annoying the neighbours!

The driver cone here is a 12" 50w Fender Lightning Bolt speaker which conveys the sound of your guitar and amp excellently. The speaker is really clear and allows the amplifier to project its fantastic sound flawlessly.The control panel allows you to shape your tone for your ideal sound with its chicken head knobs. Here you get controls for Volume, Fat Switch (Bass boost), Treble, Middle, Bass, Master Volume and Reverb. Nice and simple! Sometimes less is more and here that's definitely the case.

An easy to use amplifier for a simple, effective sound. The amp sounds great with pedals hooked up too, add some drive, delay, chorus or whatever you want to enhance the sound.If it's not loud enough for you though, then plug in an external speaker cabinet with the external speaker jack.

Project the sound to more of your crowd with an extra speaker cabinet. There's also a jack socket for a footswitch to control the 'Fat' button. Weighing in at just 14kg, the dog bone style handle makes it easy to lift the amplifier up and it won't break your back!

Fender say:

One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Blues Junior IV adds modified preamp circuitry, smoother-sounding spring reverb and improved aesthetics that any player is sure to appreciate.

A 15-watt favorite in any setting, this amp is ideal for guitarists who need to hit the stage or studio at a moment's notice with warm tone and versatile features.What Fender Say:The Blues Junior IV includes a 12" Celestion© A-Type speaker for well-balanced output with smooth highs, laidback midrange and full, round lows.

The modified preamp circuitry has increased fullness, with greater definition and clarity. The onboard spring reverb has been modified to add smoothness, so you still get rich, shimmering tone, no matter how much reverb you use.

The updated aesthetics include improved control panel texture and graphics, ivory pointer knobs, steel-reinforced strap handle and lightly-aged silver grille cloth, giving it the unmistakable look and vibe you can only get from a Fender amp. Reliable, flexible and pedal-friendly, the Blues Junior IV is an ideal addition to any electric guitarist's amp collection.

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