G7th Nashville Capo for Classical Guitar
G7th Nashville Capo for Classical Guitar


G7th Nashville Capo for Classical Guitar

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G7th Nashville Capo for Classical Guitar


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For those who prefer the simplicity of a spring capo, the G7th Nashville is the No. 1 choice.

Fewer tuning problems as the Nashville delivers the right amount of tension to your string. Spend less time retuning and more time playing.

Protects your neck with wrap-around silicone rubber.

Safeguards your tone thanks to firm string pad material that reduces vibration damping.

With the spring pivot point closer to your guitar neck, the Nashville is faster and easier to use than other spring capos.

Stores on your headstock.

“The Nashville capos are a must-have of any professional touring musician. I have one for every guitar that I own. It’s sleek looking, sturdy, and provides the perfect amount of pressure to not bend the strings out of tune”. Bear Rinehart, NEEDTOBREATHE


What makes a G7th capo?

As fellow guitarists, we understand that a capo needs to not only do its job well - hold down the strings without buzzing – but as an important piece of gear in a guitarist’s toolkit it also needs to be tough and dependable.

What Makes a G7th capo different? All G7th capos share the following attributes:

Stay in tune! G7th capos are designed to work using the minimum tension needed to fret the strings. This means your guitar won’t be pulled out of tune by the excessive force required by many other capos. Less force also helps reduce the risk of accelerated fret wear old-fashioned capos can cause.

Protect your neck! With G7th, there is no metal to wood contact between the capo and the neck of the guitar – preventing dings. Also, no marks in soft lacquer due to over-application of tension.

Preserve your tone! The pad in contact with your strings is deliberately harder than on most other capos. This means less damping of your sound caused by fat, softer pads. You get more of the unaltered tone of your guitar.

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