LAVA ME 4 Carbon Guitar Space Grey
LAVA ME 4 Carbon Guitar Space Grey
LAVA ME 4 Carbon Guitar Space Grey
LAVA ME 4 Carbon Guitar Space Grey
LAVA ME 4 Carbon Guitar Space Grey
LAVA ME 4 Carbon Guitar Space Grey
LAVA Space Guitar Bag


LAVA ME4 Carbon 38" with Space Bag ~ Space Grey

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LAVA ME4 Carbon 38" with Space Bag ~ Space Grey


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Creativity. Versatility. Durability. All-In-One.
With our beloved product, we’ve added the most requested feature to the guitar, which is simply the truss-rod system. We’ve done it in a way that does not compromise stiffness and reliability while still allowing the neck action that you love to be freely adjustable. We’ve also enhanced the FreeBoost system structure to let you produce a larger, deeper effects sound.

Super AirSonic Carbon Fiber
The Ultimate Robust.
Stable, weatherproof, and travel-ready, LAVA ME 4 Carbon delivers a consistent playing feel and unwavering tonal clarity, allowing you to take your stage everywhere.

Adjustable FlyNeck 2.0
Playability at Max Level.
Integrating an all-new truss rod with CNC machined neck shape and Plek'd frets, the FlyNeck 2.0 of LAVA ME 4 Carbon brings a flexible and comfortable experience.

Truss Rod
The truss rod allows you to fine-tune the neck to get the perfect action for your individual style — fingerstyle, rock, or folk. And once you've set the action, the guitar stays in tune thanks to the incredibly reliable and stiff neck.

Magnetic Cover ~ Adjust the neck without releasing strings

SHARC Audio Chip.
Sounds Supercharged.
With a 32-bit floating point processor, the SHARC audio chip in LAVA ME 4 Carbon processes audio-digital signals 7x faster with high precision at scale. So you can play through its exclusive effects and acoustic-electric sounds without a single hitch.

34 Effects.
Hear the Unheard.
The Effects App now offers even more sophisticated effects incorporating Lo-Fi,
reverse delay, and more, thanks to the SHARC audio chip and FreeBoost 3.0
technology. This lets you explore big, full, and well-rounded sounds and scale your
creativity along the way.

Play Like a Band.
100+ drums to ignite your lives. In the LiveDrums App, you can select a drum and apply its variations to your live song’s Verse, Chorus, or Bridge using the A, B, and C buttons. You can also add effects, adjust BPM and volume, and more.

Skill up Each Day.
It’s as skillful as you are. The Learn App provides effective techniques, chord progressions, and licks of all genres — with demo videos or real-time tabs for your reference. While playing, you can view them both on guitar or phone by syncing via the LAVA+. You can also raise your sound’s pitch with Capo — no external tool needed.

Inspire. Record and Share.
A grooves library. Ideas into works instantly. In Create App’s Loops section, you can record bursts of ideas in three tracks, polish each track’s volume or effect, and share it on LAVA+ for fellow creators’ celebration or feedback.

 • Unibody Design
• Honeycomb Structure
• 4-MASS Design
• Super AirSonic Carbon Fibre Composite Body
• AirSonic Carbon Fiber Composite FlyNeck
• Adustable Truss Rod
• Zinc Alloy 20:1 Ratio Machine Heads
• L3 with high-performance Sharc-DSP
• Freeboost 3.0
• Under Saddle Piezo
• 3.5" Touchscreen
• 4G Memory
• 32G Storage

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