Xvive Dynarock Pedal by Thomas Blug
Xvive Dynarock Pedal by Thomas Blug


Xvive Dynarock Pedal by Thomas Blug

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Xvive DynaRock is a open dynamic and warm pedal which comes to close to the natural tone of tube amplifiers.Ultra high gain and great tone are two phrases not often used to describe a single unit. Xvive DynaRock pummels that preconception into the ground.Distortion is different, taking more efforts to get it screaming, but still sounding harmonically rich. The Xvive DynaRock shows just how good a heavy distortion can sound _ with a tone so fat heavy pounds you down and grind you into the floor. With a balanced gain control you can hear each strings_perfect to play classics like The Who, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.Xvive DynaRock also acts as the perfect boost pedal.

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