Chris & Sam play Jessica!

Chris & Sam play Jessica!

Here at Guitarbitz, we choose the Squier Classic Vibe ‘70s Stratocasters to play this classic tune because of their versatile single-coil pickups, which sound awesome when blended together.

Greatest Guitar Harmonies No.2 Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band


Although the iconic British TV series Top Gear comes to mind when you hear this song, it actually comes from the South of America, written by Dickie Betts of the Allman Bros in 1973.

Here at Guitarbitz, we choose the Squier Classic Vibe ‘70s Stratocasters because of their versatile single-coil pickups, which sound awesome when blended together.

Having the pickups and tone controls of a stratocaster means that you can adjust your sound massively while playing and without touching amp or pedals.

Sam (black t-shirt) is using the bridge pickup on full blast going into the Vox AC10, creating a beautifully clear top end tone which pushes the main melody through.

Chris (blue shirt) is using the 4th position pickup with some tone rolled off, going into a Fender Blues Jr. which produces a nice warm sound for playing the 2nd harmony.

Both amps are top sellers and have a fair amount of grit as you can hear! Another fun fact about the song Jessica is that it was named after Dickie’s daughter Jessica Betts, but it was also a tribute to the gypsy jazz originator, Django Reinhardt.

This was because the song was designed to be played with only two fingers on the left hand!


Chris on the Black Strat w/Tortoise Shell pickguard and Fender Blues jr amplifier.

Sam on the FSR Vintage White Stratocaster and Vox AC10 



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