Here at Guitarbitz we stock a broad range of guitar cables for you to choose from, in a range of lengths and styles from quality brands like D'Addario & Fender. We also stock speaker cables, XLR cables and a large range of different cable adaptors to suit every live or recording situation. For practicing at home the Fender professional series of cables are perfect, being affordable and durable as well as being available in multiple lengths. For playing at home we recommend the 10ft variety as this helps keep things neat and tangle free when practice or writing! 

For something more rugged and super high quality for touring or recording we stock the full range of D'addario American Stage cables. These guys feature Neutrik jack plugs and offer zero interference making for a solid collection and ultra low noise. Available in different jack angle options and in 10ft and 20ft lengths these cables are a must have for any regular gigging and recording player.

Another important cable related aspect of your rig is the patch cables between your pedals. When using a poor quality cable its possible to lose a degree of signal through the connection and when this is multiplied by how many cables there are on your board it can add up to some significant tone loss! We offer a range of high quality patch cables that ensure that your signal chain is as clean as possible. Fender and D'addario offer some great options but a top store favourite has to be the MXR low profile patch cables that are super durable, high quality and feature nice flat jack ends that enable you to get your pedals nice and tight together.

Cables from Fender & D'Addario also come with lifetime warranty so if something goes wrong we're always here to help get it replaced! 

Take scroll below to check out our full range of cables suitable for a wide array of scenarios!