For singers and songwriters a capo is an essential piece of gear that enables you quickly and simply change key whilst keeping your integral chords shapes and progressions the same. This in turn allows vocalists to explore different keys, ranges and tonal options without having to totally re-voice the acoustic guitar part. Though a simple piece of equipment there are still many options when it comes to choosing one for your particular guitar! The radius is the key determining factor on which capo will be right for you. Steel string electric and acoustic guitars will have a curved fingerboard so you will need a capo thats string pad matches this. For twelve string and classical guitars you would need to select a totally flat capo, in order to match with the flat fingerboard on your guitar!

Our range of capos is extensive and covers all levels of players and price points. To get started our Guitarbitz Standard Capos are perfect, simple to use and less than £10! A simple spring loaded design allows you to quickly take the capo on and off. For the more experience player looking to fine tune the intonation on their guitar when using capo, D'addario and G7th offer some incredible adjustable capos that get the string pressure just right so's not to pull your strings sharp. Most recently G7th released their latest line of Performance capos using ART technology. ART standing for 'Adaptive Radius Technology' enables the capo to match the radius of any guitar you put it on, making it perfect for any guitar! 

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