Being in tune is quite possibly the most important thing when you find yourself in a musical scenario with fellow musicians! Gone are the days of pitchforks and trying to tune endlessly by ear over a noodling drummer as clip on tuners are here to make your life much easier! We have got a great selection of handy clip on tuners that will assist you in tuning your instrument and keeping your guitar perfectly in tune! Not only are clip on tuners now super accurate, they also allow you do tune even without an amp and totally silently. working on the vibration of each string through the guitar you are also able to tune in a noisy environment.

From brands like Snark, D'Addario & Fender, we have something to suit all budgets and requirements with the Snark being one of the most popular tuners on the market to date! With a quick and accurate response time, large manoeuvrable screen and different pitch options the Snark is a must have gig bag accessory for most guitarists. If you're looking for something more discreet then D'addario have some incredibly neat clip on tuners that clip either onto the headstock, or for the acoustic players out there, inside the sound-hole and are barely visible when not in use but still extremely accurate! 

D'addario also offer their Eclipse range of tuners that are not only affordable but also super simple to use and see due their large colour screen. Fenders Bullet tuners are another small and affordable tuner alongside Rotosounds clip on tuners that are less than £10! 

Scroll down below to check out our full range of clip on tuners and pick up one of these must have gig bag accessories today!