When you play guitar as much as a lot of us it is inevitable that eventually some parts will wear out. Strings are an obvious one that eventually lose their brightness and break but some of the next common guitar appointments to need a freshen up are nuts and on acoustic guitars, saddles. Here at Guitarbitz we stock an array of replacement nuts and saddles from world renowned Graphtech who now provide nuts and saddles for a huge portion of guitar builders and manufacturers. The 'TUSQ' material that Graphtech uses is special for many reasons and actually provides you and your guitars with many advantages! 

For starters TUSQ is a totally man made alternative to ivory thus making it totally sustainable and environmentally friendly. As well as this it also offers supreme resonant properties that will improve the tone, resonance and sustain of you guitar ten fold when used as a nut or saddle material! Being a man made product its also totally consistent so whatever product you buy, its going to be the same solid quality. One final advantage of Graphtech products is the material is also self lubricating meaning that the slots in the nut and saddle are also lubricating, eliminating the need for additional lubrication and ensuring no catching is happening when the strings pass over them. 

All guitars have different dimensions when it comes to nuts and saddles but the Graphtech range that we stock is incredibly large and diverse so we are sure to have the correct replacement part for your guitar! 

To take a look at our entire line of replacement nuts and saddles take a scroll down below!